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Tunecore Publishing Agreement

Tunecore Publishing Agreement

If you use our TuneCore Social Service to connect to services, including “social media platforms” like Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram and MixCloud, we will also archive certain information that is unique to you and your TuneCore activities, including, but not only: user-generated content (such as messages, messages, comments, pages, profiles, images, streams or communications exchanged on social media platforms), additional information about customers` profiles (such as age, gender, employer, geographic location, educational information, financial status, habits and preferences); and real-time location information. If you choose to receive TuneCore`s YouTube Sound Recording Revenue services while using your content on YouTube, TuneCore stores your YouTube ID in the TuneCore database to connect revenue generated from your content revenue to your YouTube channel. To allow or de-authorize TuneCore to view your YouTube channel ID by accessing the OAuth consent settings in the following URL: In situations where the songwriter and music publisher want a more elaborate relationship, a co-publication arrangement may be appropriate. A major difference between an administrative “deal” and a co-publishing “deal” is that the music publisher and the author can, in a co-publication agreement, support the copyrights on the compositions. In practice, this means that the music publisher acts both as a traditional publisher and as a work manager. Please read the terms and conditions below carefully. These terms and conditions, as well as the guidelines on copyright (the “copyright policy”) and the privacy policy (the “privacy policy”) (which is included in this reference and which are collectively referred to as “Terms of Use”) govern your access and use of the website (the “website”), including the use of content, information, products and/or services (the “services”) provided there. This is a legal agreement between you and TuneCore, Inc.

(“Enterprise”). Entity reserves the exclusive right to modify, discontinue or delete the Website and Services at any time without notice, or to change the terms of use. It is your responsibility to regularly check for changes to these Terms of Use. By continuing to use or access the website and/or Services after the Entity has made and published such a change, you agree to be legally bound by the revised terms of use. You cannot change the terms and conditions of use without the company`s express written permission. v. to enter into or transfer or concede agreements with the rights of the company and/or delegate any of its obligations under this agreement to third-party licensees on terms that may be acceptable to the company, including the right to delegate licensees to search for and obtain local adaptations and/or recordings of a composition by adding new local texts to the original music and/or creating a “cover” of a composition. TCP: There is a one-time registration fee of $75 for 1 songwriter for ALL SONGS (unlimited). This does not include registration for the distribution service (to get your songs in iTunes, Spotify, etc. – it costs $29.99 in the first year and $49.99 each year for renewal). TCP occupies 10% of the publishing royalties (NO SONGWRITER ROYALTIES) earned. You will receive the remaining editing fee.

If you want to record 10 albums or 1 album, 100 singles or 1 single, the registration fee is always $75. However, if you have 4 songwriters in your group, they must register separately for $75 to be repped from TCP. If you write a song with someone and you post it on their album, you`re still entitled to the release fee. If someone covers and publishes your song, you still have the right to publish royalties. Whenever there is

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