LSD | Ufa Agreement Between India And Pakistan
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Ufa Agreement Between India And Pakistan

Ufa Agreement Between India And Pakistan

Sharif in Ufa But Pakistan`s foreign ministry says its main concern is to improve bilateral relations with India and “create an environment conducive to meaningful discussions.” Syed Tariq Fatemi, The Prime Minister`s Special Assistant for Foreign Affairs: “The discussions went so well. Pakistan wanted to bring something positive to the meeting so that there could be a basic minimum agreement. Because of the excellent relationship between the leaders, we chose to make a joint statement.┬áThe two ministers also held talks with the heads of India`s border guards and the Pakistan Rangers, followed by discussions between the directors-general of military operations in both countries. It goes without saying that, in reality, UN resolutions cannot, because of India`s tenacity, international indifference and Pakistan`s political weakness and inconsistency, reach a settlement in Kashmir. Any settlement must be negotiated between India and Pakistan. It will be a compromise. It must be acceptable for the diversity of opinions of the city of Kashmir. In the meantime, Pakistani policy in the valley will have to remain in line with the opinion of Kashmir. Article 257 of the Pakistani Constitution allows this to be done. New Delhi, August 22: Pakistan`s National Security Adviser (NSA), Sartaj Aziz, held a press conference on Saturday and said the issue of Kashmir was on the agenda of THE NSA talks, as discussed in Ufa between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his counterpart Nawaz Sharif. Read also – Indian Liver Transplant Surgery Dr. Subhash Gupta To perform operations in Karachi, Pakistani Doctors train The two countries had agreed to establish a “mechanism to facilitate religious tourism” between the two countries. This is what we see on both sides of the border from the summit of Ufa between Modi and Sharif.

Let us take note of some fundamental truths. But what exactly did Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif discuss at the Ufa summit in Russia last July? Here`s a look at the deal. There is some change in civil-military relations in Pakistan, which has brought the two institutions (at least the national government and the security establishment) on issues such as the fight against terrorism. There are also differences, for example, in the way the security establishment perceives the > joint declaration between India and Pakistan in Ufa, Russia. But India should also take note of the evolution of the equations. Now that the statement calls into question the tone against Sharif, the meeting of the two national security advisers in Delhi will determine how far Pakistan can go on the dialogue front. A dialogue that does not take into account Pakistan`s concerns will, of course, be short-lived. Sharif`s task now is to convince the Pakistani opposition and political actors that there has been more discussion and agreement, as reflected in the Ufa statement. It will not be asymmetrical, as will the statement. Indian Foreign Minister S.

Jaishankar and his Pakistani counter-father Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry made a joint statement after a bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif in the Russian city of Ufa. 1. A meeting between the two NSA in New Delhi to discuss all terrorism-related issues. The next important point, as Aziz explains, is that the joint statement refers only to routine meetings between the Director General, the Pakistan Rangers and military operations. This means that no meeting other than the routine described in the 2003 ceasefire agreement will be planned or proposed. For Pakistan, the resumption of dialogue was sufficient and the joint declaration was not necessary.

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